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postgraduate students

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Postgraduate Students


Postgraduate refers to the nature of study and research work carried out by students who would have normally completed some amount of undergraduate study.


There are two basic types of postgraduate students: higher degree by research or coursework


There are many other differences: fulltime, part-time, mature age, scholarship or stipend recipient, fee paying, PhD, professional doctorate, or masters. There are many institutions that offer Cultural Studies higher degrees and many more that offer high degrees in related fields


Postgraduate students normally receive discount rates for conference and seminar participation. Conferences and seminars are good for distributing work and making contacts.


Other activities include publication of essays and articles in journals, on blogs, on email lists, or perhaps even books.


PhD students need to produce a dissertation. To do this they need to carry out some form of research that may involve different research methods. Part of the dissertation writing process is producing some form of literature review of previous works in a given research field.


Postgraduate life can be very stressful and very rewarding.

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